Shanise Hunter Design | About
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Shanise Hunter

Artist Statement


Growing up in a creative household has helped me see situations in a different light. I love to create projects using repetitions of colors, shapes, and lines. Once I get a general idea of what I’m doing, I’ll take pictures of various objects and scenery and combine them to make a completed project. My mind is normally in a creative state throughout the day, even when I’m doing errands outside my home. When viewing all kinds of advertisements, I make notes on what methods the advertisers did to grab my attention and try to apply similar ideas to my own work. The small details in life are what drives me to succeed and try new possibilities. I truly believe that almost anything can be crafted into a piece of art.


Artist Bio


Shanise Hunter was born in Germany in 1991, but has lived in Virginia since she was young. She earned her AS in Social Science in 2015 and is about to earn her AAS in Graphic and Media Design. Her mission after graduating is to apply for different internships and gain more experience in the design field. This modern designer loves to develop her skills and find innovative methods to accomplish her projects. She plans on staying in Virginia, but she will certainly consider open opportunities in new areas.